Logo concepts for Apex Launcher, an Android app

Brand Marks

Helping new technology brands make their mark

Graphic Design & BrandingI've helped an assortment of technology brands, large and small, shape their identity. The following collection contains some of my favorite logos, icons, and workmarks that I've designed.

Role — Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Designer

Deliverables — Logo designs, icon designs, animated logos

Textpress logo
Textpress is a social media sharing technology startup

Sketch concepts for the Textpress logo

Apex Launcher mark explorations
Proposed icon options for Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher mark explorations
Icon concepts for Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher mark explorations
Icon explorations for Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher icon
Sketch concepts

Orca logo concept
Proposed logo for Orca, a marketing automation app

Orca logo concept

Andrew Jarecki
Animated concept for a personal logo

Andrew Jarecki
Sketch concepts for a personal logo

Teachable Machines animated wordmark
Teachable Machines is a predictive modeling AI startup

Adobe MAX

Telling the design community what we built

Event Branding & Design

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