Communicating the power of Mosaic's advanced Voice Assistant

User Experience, Design & IllustrationMosaic is a voice assistant that excels at location-based recommendations. I created a website to help Mosaic connect with partners in the automotive industry (i.e. Audi). In the process, I ullustrated a series of animated graphics to help demonstrate the added benefit of using Mosaic over other more popular assistants.

Role — Digital Designer, Illustrator, Animator/Motion Graphic Designer, Copywriter

Deliverables — Responsive website design, illustrations, motion graphics, style guides, website copy

Website with illustrationsDigital illustration & web design

Voice assistance demoAnimated digital illustration

Hands-free voice assistance demoAnimated digital illustration

Supported devices and servicesDigital illustration

Website header graphicAnimated digital illustration

Automotive company partnershipsDigital illustration


Creating a design feedback platform for modern creative teams

Product Design & Branding

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